Choosing the Best Chili Peppers for Your Cooking Needs

Chillies are one of the most popular spices used to make stews and sauces. There are many types of chilli peppers in the market. The main ingredient that makes chillies hot is known as capsaicin. Capsaicin is the waxy and whitish coating on the inner wall of the chilli pepper, and its concentration in a chilli determines how hot it is. Chilli also contains many other useful nutrients such as Vitamin C, D and E, as well as flavonoids and antioxidants, which help fight disease, boost the immune system and promote longevity. To reap all these benefits from chillies, you need to understand how to choose the best in the market.

Check the Appearance of the Chillies

The health of any fruit or vegetable is usually written on its skin. Healthy chillies typically have a smooth and succulent skin. They are shiny, taut and unwrinkled when they are fresh. On the other hand, if you are going for dried chillies, the best should be glossy and without any breakages on the skin. Dustiness, discolouration and fragmentation are the main tell-tale signs of unhealthy chillies. When buying chillies in wholesale, always ask to see their physical condition before settling for them.

The Degree of Hotness

The degree of hotness of chillies is determined by the concentration of capsaicin. When this chemical comes into contact with your skin, eyes or other mucous membrane, it creates a lot of irritation. People have different tolerance levels to capsaicin. Before choosing a particular chilli species, learn about the levels of capsaicin in your options and pick the one within a manageable hotness level. 

The Cost of the Peppers

The other crucial consideration to think about is the cost of the peppers. A lot of other factors determine how much the product is priced by the supplier. First, different species go by different costs. Species such as ghost peppers, as well as scotch bonnet, habanero and Jamaican hot chillies, may cost a little more than other species, but you will need a little less of the chilli itself to achieve the desired hotness. Other factors that determine the cost of the peppers include whether they are locally available, the amount you need and whether you need them fresh or dried. 

These are simple yet effective guidelines to follow when choosing peppers for personal or commercial use. The most essential thing to remember about shopping for chillies is picking a trusted and dependable supplier. As long as you are sourcing from a reliable dealer, the quality will be excellent. 

To learn more or to buy chillies, contact a supplier.